Ultimate Sport Turf™ Is The Industry Leader

We are defining the market that other companies can only attempt to duplicate, with our research and development team and years of experience, and lessons learned, our innovation, and products high standards, we lead the market in the number of “Ultimate Sport Turf” surfaces installed annually. Our products are manufactured and supplied across the globe to meet the standards necessary for optimum performance and enjoyment while maintaining safety for the participants. We have increased our specification and special product design to not only meet, but exceed the demands placed on the “Ultimate Sport Turf” surface. “Ultimate Sport Turf” we take the safety of our product very seriously. All staff and installers are trained to the highest levels possible. Our goal is to go above and beyond the requirements when it comes to the safety of our players on any “Ultimate Sport Field”.  Our synthetic “Ultimate Sport Turf” sporting system make for a great alternative to real grass offering full grass fields that require little maintenance and a premium surface for the myriad of activities to be played on them.


Increase performance.

Our Sports Turf line is manufactured from our Enviro-Green Flow® which is an all polyolefin backing system. It is 100% recyclable and up to 50% more permeable than perforated urethane backed products. Constructed with a variety of pile heights that provides a surface that is less abrasive and results in less friction than competitor’s products.


Against injuries.

Combined with an innovative shock absorbing pad system designed to reduce impact that offers superior protection against jolts and reduces lower back fatigue, muscular exhaustion, shin splints, and other chronic injuries that can be caused by improper shock absorption.


Cooler play.

Heat Block technology keeps players cooler. Our turf allows for approximately 17.5˚F cooler than other kinds of synthetic turf. Ultimate Sports Turf® mimics the feel of real grass while providing additional shock absorbency so that every athlete can train to perform at their best with decreased risk of injury.


Logos and lines.

We make it easy to customize your Ultimate Sports Turf™ with permanent lines and inset personal logos. Custom color match for logos is available. Contact us today for more information regarding custom colors for synthetic turf.

Made to order products for residential and commercial use.


Sport Elite 80

80 Ounce
3/8 gauge
Olive Green/ Field Green

Sport Supreme 42

42 Ounce
Sport Field Green

Sport Ultra 40

40 Ounce
Natural Sport Green

Sport Acceleration 36

36 Ounce
Tan, Field Green

Sport Xtreme 48

48 Ounce
3/8 Gauge
Forest Green

Sport Optima 70

70 Ounce
3/8 gauge
Olive / Natural Green

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